Lighting Technology Greenhouse (LTG) is a program of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Lighting Research Center (LRC). LTG promotes the growth and success of lighting-related businesses by acting as an interface for businesses to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and the commercialization of new lighting products and services that enhance sustainability and provide societal benefit.

The only program of its type, LTG’s goal is to provide assistance in the establishment and growth of lighting-related companies.

At the core of LTG are the Lighting Research Center and Linc – The Lighting CultivatorTM, a new, not-for-profit corporation. Together, they envision a vibrant cluster of lighting companies within and outside New York State that will provide useful lighting products and services throughout the world.

As the leading independent third party for lighting research and information, the LRC has not traditionally been directly involved in the commercialization of lighting products. But now, Linc provides the connection between the LRC and the private sector to advance commercialization of new lighting concepts. For more information about Linc, contact Eugene Schuler, Executive Director, at 518-424-7187 or

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